Yes on Measure K

More than 80 percent (81.4%) of Sonoma County voters cast a yes vote for Measure K to renew voter protections for open space and farm lands between its towns and cities for another 2 years. The measure protects 53,576 acres of designated community separators from being converted to shopping malls, resorts or housing tracts without a countywide vote of the people.

“This landslide victory shows that we are united in keeping our greenbelts here in Sonoma County,” said Teri Shore, Regional Director for Greenbelt Alliance in Santa Rosa, a leader in the Yes on Measure K campaign. “Measure K was supported by just about everyone.”

“By expanding the natural landscape and farmlands surrounding our livable urban communities, Sonoma County citizens added momentum to the work ahead of us to create climate resiliency and economic vitality that will ensure a healthy future for generations,” said Dee Swanhuyser, a Greenbelt Alliance board member.

Read more and see the before and after maps of the community separators here (scroll down).


Sonoma County has avoided the mistakes made by some Bay Area counties that have allowed for urban sprawl to spread into valuable open space and farm lands. Never again will they enjoy the important separation between cities, sense of community or scenic views.

Here we can continue to avoid those same mistakes by voting Yes on Measure K, the Community Separators Protection Ordinance. Community separators complement the cities’ urban growth boundaries by safeguarding adjacent county rural open space and working farm lands.

Measure K preserves agriculture and the viability of family farms as well as waterways, drinking water, groundwater and recharge areas, wildlife corridors, hillsides, and woodlands. It also offers clean air, water, and climate resiliency.


Two decades ago, Sonoma County residents voted in protections for community separators with a 70 percent majority. Measure K will renew these voter protections for county community separators for another 20 years with a simple majority vote.
A Yes on Measure K vote will renew longstanding voter protections for Sonoma County’s community separators—the rural open space and farm lands surrounding the county’s cities and towns.


Measure K will cost the taxpayers absolutely nothing to protect and preserve our beautiful county for the next generation.

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